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We've been helping since 1978...

with tapes, disks, floppies and arcane file formats
from mainframes, minicomputers, PCs, MACs, etc.
Need to migrate your data to a new system?
Get research data from a pile of old tapes?
Want some custom conversion software written?
we can help.

Good work at good prices.
People who really know their stuff.

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Not many conversion firms can claim to have covered "WWW". Nope, not the web: Watergate, Whitewater and WorldCom! ☺
Over the years, we've puzzled out and converted data involved with famous political situations, digital stewardship, system migration, litigation, etc. We'd like to be a resource for you.

Company News

Old Professors' Stashes of tapes and disks rescued and repurposed.

CODATA's Data At Risk Task Group. MMC founder Chris Muller delighted to be a member.

Penosbscot Language Dictionary. A pleasure to help ensure preservation of this cultural gem.

Peruvian Census of 1891 Data Recovered. Proud to work with INEI and IPUMS in the process of saving this important data.

Bangladesh Data Recovery Laboratory created by MMC, funded by National Science Foundation...

Denver Federal Center. Native American mineral rights lawsuit leads to MMC contract to convert thousands of mainframe tapes...