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Data Rescue since 1978*

Converting Legacy Data

Tapes, optical disks, floppies and arcane file formats
from mainframes, minicomputers, PCs, MACs, etc.
Need to migrate your data to a new system?
Get research data from a pile of old tapes?
Need some conversion software written?
We can help.

*Our data recovery/conversion work has been both
challenging and enjoyable for decades. Now we also offer

Media Rescue

including secure erasure of LTO, 3592 and 9940 tapes,
benefitting privacy, environment, and your wallet!

Good work at good prices.
People who really know their stuff.

email us or call: 516-833-3067

Quick Links ...

"WWW" = the web?. Nope, for us it's Watergate, Whitewater and WorldCom! Really, we worked on all three and many other projects involved with famous political situations, scientific and historical research, system migration, etc. We'd like to be a resource for you.

Company News

Old Professors' Stashes
(research data repurposed).

CODATA's Data At Risk Task Group. Chris Muller delighted to be a member.

Penosbscot Language Dictionary. Pleasure to help preserve this cultural gem.

Peru Census of 1981 Data Rescued. Another enjoyable international project.

Bangladesh Data Recovery Laboratory created by MMC, funded by IPUMS & NSF.

Denver Fed-Center. Native American mineral rights case; MMC contract to convert thousands of mainframe tapes...